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Peak Performance Sports & Spine Ctr.

8885 Rio San Diego Dr #357

San Diego Ca 92108

(619) 293-3453


What makes Peak Performance Different than other chiropractic offices?

        -We at Peak Performance give you a family fun atmosphere while giving you not only our time but devotion to caring for each patient while utilizing the most current treatment protocols. But lets here from some patients.

“My favorite part about coming in is the relaxed atmosphere, yet it is very professional. I appreciate the personal attention and information and belief that I can get better. i always leave encouraged about my progress.”

“Your so much fun and you make me feel better!” :)

“Your friendly”

“Such a nice environment and friendly , knowledgable every time I visit I learn something new to better care for myself - comprehensive care.”

“The thing I like most about this office is how friendly and personable the staff is.”

What therapies do we use?


        - Adjustment                             - Drop Table                - TENS

        - Physical Therapy                   - Ultrasound                 - Heat

        - Active Release Technique     - Gusha                       - Traction

        - Massage                                - Myofacial Release 

        - Cold laser                              - Taping

Do we take insurance?


    YES! We take virtually all insurances!

Have any other question call us at (619) 293-3453 or