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A high velocity, low amplitude force applied to a bone.

Vertebral Subluxation

A mal-alignment of the vertebra that cause altered biomechanics, resulting in nerve, muscle, and soft tissue irritation. This may lead to disease.


Although a real definition is unclear it is thought that wear and tear leads to degeneration of the framework of a tendon, usually a build up scar tissue that caused a derangement of the fibers of the tendon.


Inflammation of the tendon in its sheath or at its attachment to the bone.


The act of moving the thumb towards the tips of other fingers mainly the pinky finger.

Nerve Entrapment

Compression of a nerve by bones, muscles, tendons and/or scar tissue.

Inflammation (Inflamed)

Irritation of tissues that cause swelling, heat, altered function, redness, and pain. Inflammation is a good process as long as it is kept under control. 

Repetitive Motion

The same motion done over and over again, typically causing overuse syndromes.

Autoimmune Disease

A process in which the body attacks itself.

Piriformis Syndrome

Pain at the buttock that radiates down the leg. The sciatic nerve may run through the piriformis muscle in your glut area. When the piriformis muscle becomes inflamed, it may cause the sciatic nerve to become entrapped giving the symptoms of sciatica.